To reach sustainable and high profitability values for our stakeholders in all areas of activity by varying with strategical investments.

As a leading group of companies that are sensitive to the environment and society in all our activities, our mission is to transfer our investment experience in different sectors to new investments with competitive and sustainable growth potential, to support continuous development in rapidly changing market conditions.


We aim to create an honest and fair, non-discriminatory, participative, safe and healthy working environment where personal rights of our employees are used fully and completely and equality in opportunity, respectful of human rights, with the belief that human resources are our most important value.

By aiming a sustainable growth that reduces environmental impact and creates value in our operations, our goal is to protect natural resources and support their development for a world where future generations can live safely.

Since our establishment, we have invested in venture projects that include innovation and innovative ideas, and worked for strategies that will create added value.

Continuous Improvement and Change
We direct the resources we create from all our activities to rational investments that support the continuous development and change of the environment, society and all our stakeholders.

Commitment to Ethical Principles
Based on corporate governance principles, we establish honest, transparent and accountable relationships with all our stakeholders and manage our activities in accordance with the law.

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